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Narrow fabric dyeing machine features and main advantages
May 18, 2018

According to different dyeing methods, narrow fabric dyeing machines can be mainly divided into two categories, namely, dip dyeing and continuous dyeing process methods. It can also be divided into normal temperature machine and high temperature machine. The room temperature machine simply uses steam to heat up the temperature of the steamer to maintain the temperature between 95°C and 105°C. This temperature is suitable for acid dyes, reactive dyes, metal dyes or metals. Dye coloring.


The high-temperature type narrow fabric dyeing machine is mainly heated by means of electric energy and different fuels, and the heated air is heated so that its temperature can reach 165°C to 220°C. This temperature is suitable for disperse dye coloring. Normal temperature machine mainly produces nylon, cotton material products, high temperature machine to stabilize polyester material, polyester and cotton products can also be produced on high temperature machine.


The main advantage of the narrow fabric dyeing machine: When using the equipment, the time for proofing and bulk goods can be shortened. Under normal circumstances, the time required for continuous dyeing and proofing is short. In the case of accurate color matching, the qualified samples required for large shipments can be produced with one proofing. The required time is 10 to 20 minutes. Normally, a high-level colorist can complete the proofing process two or more times.


Another obvious advantage is that the energy-saving effect is obvious, because the narrow fabric dyeing machine in the process of dyeing, the two sides of the webbing fully expand, when the material is absorbed, the roller has one or more rolling infiltration, and the excess dye is rolled back to the dye The tank avoids wasting and contaminating the water source; when the fixing is completed, the heat is fully collected and heat can be continuously used for recycling. It usually takes about 2.5 to 5 minutes from the dye uptake to the fixation.


In addition, this narrow fabric dyeing machine adopts an inline production mode, so that the embryo can be brought into the dyeing machine to the end of the machine to obtain a completely finished product that can be packaged and sold without the need for sizing or shaping. deal with. Under normal circumstances, the room temperature narrow fabric dyeing machine is mainly used for the production of nylon material products, high temperature machine to stabilize with polyester material, polyester and cotton products can also be produced on the high temperature machine.


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