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Narrow fabric dyeing machine in the dyeing procedure
Jun 13, 2018

The biggest difference between the narrow fabric dyeing machine and the conventional fabric dyeing machine is the specification. Since it is mainly used for dyeing some narrow fabrics, the size of the equipment will not be very large. Before operating the device, it is necessary to check each part, such as whether the fasteners are tightened or not.


Then, the narrow fabrics to be dyed are sorted according to their color, texture, etc., and they cannot be mixed together. The amount of detergent added by the narrow fabric dyeing machine during the dyeing process is moderate, and too much or too little is not good. When the water temperature reaches 70°C, the steam valve can be closed. After the narrow fabric dyeing machine is operated, the power of the equipment should be cut off to prevent it from being accidentally started.


When the narrow fabric dyeing machine is working, the feeding must be slowly and evenly to prevent the dye from being dyed too fast. If the dye is quickly added at one time, the dyeing rate will be too fast, which will make the outer layer of fiber deep, and the inside of the fabric will easily cause color flowers. Or flower.


Only after a certain time of dyeing can salt be added. Salt is an accelerant. When the dye reaches a certain level, it is difficult to continue to reach saturation. Therefore, salt is added to break this balance. It takes about 10-15 minutes for the dye to penetrate evenly.


In the dyeing process of the narrow fabric dyeing machine, alkali is added after completion of the salting in order to fix the color to achieve the highest dyeing amount. However, it should be noted that whether to add salt or alkali must be added in portions so as not to affect the dyeing effect of narrow fabrics.

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