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Normal temperature dyeing machine temperature control and tension control technology
Apr 08, 2018

When dyeing at normal temperature dyeing machine, there are two major parameters that must be strictly controlled, one is the heating rate of the dyeing machine, and the other is tension control. The temperature can be adjusted by the temperature controller, and the tension is controlled by the inverter or the servo controller.


The main pump motor of the normal temperature dyeing machine adopts the soft start of the frequency converter, which greatly shortens the cycle of the dyeing process and can be completed without downtime, effectively reducing the power consumption of the equipment; at the same time, normal temperature dyeing machine adopts a stable dyeing water ratio. , It can ensure uniform dyeing and smooth work.


By controlling the temperature of the dyeing machine at room temperature to properly adjust the temperature required in the dyeing process, it can meet the different dyeing requirements for grammage and wide-width fabrics, and complete a cycle efficiently without reducing the dyeing amount. Low water consumption, low energy consumption, low emissions, low power consumption.


With the development of control technology, frequency converters, control systems and other new technologies have also been applied in normal temperature dyeing machine. The conventional magnetic powder clutch is composed of a transmission unit and a driven unit. Between two groups of units, a granular magnetic powder having a diameter of about 40 μm is filled. When the magnetic line is not energized, the torque is not transmitted from the transmission unit to the driven unit.


The frequency conversion speed regulation uses the principle that the synchronous speed of the motor and the frequency of the input power are in a linear relationship, and the 50-Hz power frequency mains is converted into an adjustable-frequency AC power supply through the rectification and reverse flow sections to supply the normal temperature dyeing machine. Phase asynchronous motor for speed control.


For normal temperature dyeing machine, servo control has a wide, smooth speed range, hard mechanical characteristics and good adjustment characteristics, but also shows a fast response characteristics, high reliability, strong compression resistance, etc. More conducive to tension control at room temperature dyeing machine.

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