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Novel designs in HTHP yarn package dyeing machine
Nov 28, 2018

The HTHP yarn package dyeing machine is suitable for dyeing pure cotton, polyester cotton, polyester wool, acrylic, nylon, hemp cotton, wool and other fibers. It can be dyed with different types of creels, such as cheese yarn, skein, The warp yarn, zipper, hook and loop fastener, mesh cloth and loose hair, etc., dyeing, refining, bleaching and post-treatment can be completed in the machine at one time.

The novel mixed flow pump is used in the HTHP yarn package dyeing machine, which has high performance, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and solves the problem of low head of the traditional mixed flow pump. It can control the motor through frequency conversion according to various yarn requirements, get reasonable flow, achieve perfect dyeing effect, and save energy consumption for starting and reducing load.

At the same time, the equipment also designs a novel energy-saving and efficient heat exchanger, which has beautiful structure and good stability. Lower than the design, saving dyes, additives and energy, reducing the amount of sewage. The dyeing tank and all parts in contact with the dyeing liquid are made of high quality, high corrosion resistant stainless steel to help extend their service life.

The advanced fully automatic control system enables the HTHP yarn package dyeing machine to simultaneously display the temperature curve, steps and output, temperature control curve feeding, speed control, etc.; automatic control of water inlet, drainage, temperature rise, constant temperature, temperature reduction and cleaning, etc. The dyeing process requires a central centralized control system for easy operation.

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