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Operating principle and high level of high temperature airflow dyeing machine
Jan 09, 2019

The high temperature airflow dyeing machine operates on the principle of dyeing with a gas-dynamic mixed dye liquor. Thanks to the use of gas as the driving force for the fabric, the fabric can be operated in a liquid-free state, allowing the airflow dyeing machine to be dyed with a minimum amount of dye liquor. The airflow that drives the fabric is mixed with the dye liquor from the nozzle to form a mist and evenly sprayed on the surface of the fabric. The good penetration gives the fabric the best dyeing effect.

The low-bath ratio environmental dyeing machine of the high-temperature airflow dyeing machine further reduces the bath ratio of the synthetic fiber while adjusting the bath ratio of the cotton fabric to a minimum of 1:3.8, while the carefully designed dyeing is compared with the longitudinally running fabric. Running horizontally, the dye solution can be perfectly balanced.

The loading capacity of the high-temperature air dyeing machine is 50%-100%, the bath ratio can be kept constant, the dyeing property is high, and the fabric runs smoothly in the slippery Teflon bar groove, without entanglement, the fabric is Air support, reducing the tension during operation, the entire equipment uses a unique spray-type washing system, which can save a lot of water and shorten the washing time than the traditional bath-washing. 

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