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Overflow dyeing machine works and what controls
Oct 13, 2018

Dyeing machine, which can be said to have a wide variety, and the overflow dyeing machine of this kind is widely used from the present point of view. Therefore, in order to be able to use this dyeing machine correctly and reasonably, it is necessary to fully understand it. In order to achieve the above objectives, in order to make full use of the device and achieve the purpose of use.


1. What is the meaning of overflow in overflow dyeing machine and its working principle

The overflow in an overflow dyeing machine, which is explained from a professional point of view, refers to the phenomenon that solid surface adsorbates, such as ions or free radicals, migrate to the secondary active center, which is referred to as overflow.


The working principle of the overflow dyeing machine is as follows: a rotating wheel is arranged in the dyeing machine to drive the cloth to rotate, and the dyeing process of the cloth is mainly carried out in the dyeing tank, and the cloth is controlled in the dyeing cylinder by controlling the running speed of the cloth. The infiltration time in the middle, at the same time, can also be used to control the dyeing effect of the cloth.


2. Is the dyeing tank in the overflow dyeing machine important?

The dyeing tank in the overflow dyeing machine is an important part because the dyed material needs to be dyed in it. Therefore, if this part is missing, the dyeing machine will not be able to perform the dyeing work, and the equipment will not work and be used. In addition, it is also necessary to know that there is a certain difference between the dyeing tank and the dyeing tank, and the two cannot be equated.


3. Overflow dyeing machine control


(1) Flow and pressure control

Flow and pressure, which are two important parameters of the overflow dyeing machine, and are determined by the main circulation pump. In the flow parameter, it is necessary to ensure that the fuel and fabric can be smoothly dyed and exchanged, and it must be large enough to be small. Pressure, which refers to the pressure in the dyeing machine, if it is an overflow jet dyeing machine, refers to the pressure generated by the nozzle. Different fabrics and different processes have different flow and pressure requirements, so appropriate values should be determined according to different fabrics and processes. As for the control of these two parameters, flow and pressure detection can be set, and automatic control can be realized by PLC.

(2) Temperature control

In the dyeing process of the overflow dyeing machine, the control of the dyeing temperature must be controlled by proportional control to control the time in the temperature range with high dyeing rate, which can be controlled by the proportional control valve and according to the set temperature control curve. The PLC and the computer complete the entire control process.

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