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Quality control in the dyeing process of denim dyeing machine
Nov 21, 2018

When the denim dyeing machine is dyed, the color light is mainly related to the stability of driving. That is to say, the dyed color of the denim is mainly related to the speed of the dyeing machine, drying conditions, temperature rise and fall, pressure control and the like. The process control of the equipment is stable, so that the dyed shade can be stabilized from the equipment to ensure reproducibility.

In addition, it also has a certain relationship with the pH of the dye solution used and the amount of reducing agent. Therefore, in the process of operating the denim dyeing machine, it is necessary to measure the pH of the dye solution. For users, the choice of scientific dyeing process, reliable dyeing equipment and online monitoring and control system is the key to ensure the stability of denim dyeing.

That is to say, when dyeing denim, the selected dyeing process plays a crucial role in the dyeing fastness of denim, and the denim dyeing machine used is a guarantee of new technology and new technology, and the dyeing is strictly controlled. Every process step to reduce the quality problems such as chromatic aberration, color spots and color instability.

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