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Quickly grasp the installation and use of towel dyeing machines
Jun 07, 2018

In comparison with other types of dyeing machines, towel dyeing machines are basically similar in structure, installation, and use requirements of the equipment except for the use. The towel dyeing machine is basically made of stainless steel. The equipment has the advantages of easy speed control and no noise in speed control. It can be used for bleaching and dyeing of socks, gloves and towels.


As a widely used bleaching and dyeing equipment, the position of the towel dyeing machine must be determined when it is installed, and equipment maintenance and operation space can be reserved for future operation and maintenance; the dyeing machine should be installed in comparison On a flat foundation, then use the anchor's screws to fix it.


In the process of installing the towel dyeing machine, it is better to use the instrument to check the levelness of the equipment. If the level is not enough, you must find out the right level to install; at the same time, the three-phase four-wire power supply in the dyeing machine The entire equipment is placed in the wiring box of the equipment; for safety, the equipment must be grounded accordingly.


When the towel dyeing machine dyes, the paddle mainly exhibits the positive and negative directions of the dyeing liquor to stir, so that the dyeing can appear as a floating dyeing state, and the whole dyeing is also very uniform and the permeation force is relatively strong, and the dyeing will not be dyed. Dirt causes any damage.


In addition, the towel dyeing machine can also be automatically timed to complete the positive and negative cycle mixing work. Even a small dyeing machine can perform three different color sample dyeing processes at a time. The whole operation process is very safe and reliable. There will be no noise and the service life of the components is very long.

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