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Related factors of dyeing quality in high temperature high pressure dyeing machine
Apr 04, 2018

In the process of using high temperature high pressure dyeing machine, in order to obtain the ideal dyeing effect, in addition to the correct selection and operation of equipment and processes, we must select the appropriate dyes and additives, and control the heating rate, of course, other factors can not Ignore.


Since the disperse dyes are difficult to dye polyester fibers at a low or normal temperature, the dyes are rapidly dyed only when they exceed the glass transition temperature of polyester. Therefore, when high temperature high pressure dyeing machine is used to dye polyester with dispersion materials, dyes with similar initial dye uptake, slow initial dye uptake, good quality, and similar color matching are used. Such as light-colored with E-type, medium-colored with SE-type, dark-colored XF, SF-type can basically polyester deep and light dyeing, and the effect is good.


Secondly, the dispersant has a greater impact on the high temperature and high pressure dyeing of terylene, because different dispersants have different HBL values and the dispersion capability is also different. Since the dyeing temperature of the disperse dye on the polyester is 80-100°C, the dispersing agent is required to have a high dispersibility, and the cloud point is preferably higher than 100°C.


Through practice, it has been proved that anionic dispersants and non-anionic dispersants have higher cloud points. They are all commonly used as ideal dispersants in high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machines. In the dyeing process, the heating rate is also an important factor in the production of color flowers, so it can be controlled in three stages with different heating rates.


When the high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machine rises from room temperature to 75°C, disperse dyes will hardly be dyed at this stage, and the faster heating rate can be 2-3°C; the second stage is 75-110°C. The zone is the fastest stage of dye uptake, must use a slow temperature rise, the control is appropriate at 0.8-1 °C; the third stage is 110-130 °C, dye uptake will be done at this stage, available 1.5-2 °C heating rate .


In addition, the dyeing, capacity, bath ratio, bath ratio, PH value, whether the fabric is clean, whether the flow rate is appropriate, the speed of the fabric, etc. will have a certain impact on the high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine. Must be controlled one by one.

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