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Room temperature dyeing machine technical characteristics introduced
Jun 25, 2018

In a room temperature dyeing machine, there are different system components. From the technical point of view, the fabric lifting system is mainly to reduce the slippage between the fabric and the lifting drum, so that the fabric surface achieves extraordinary treatment results, and the lifting drum provides sufficient lifting force to ensure that the drum and the fabric run in close synchronization. Under the cooperation of the guide roller, the fabric enters the normal temperature dyeing machine nozzle in the most neat way.


At the same time, during normal temperature dyeing machine operation, its nozzle can provide strong dye liquid penetration force and more efficient cloth feeding capacity, and the fabric is completely surrounded by the dyeing liquid in the nozzle, so the fabric can float on the nozzle in the loose state. In the dyeing liquid, avoid fluffing.


In addition, in the room temperature dyeing machine, the cloth speed system also plays an important role. Under normal circumstances, the fabrics are run in a synchronized state between the lifting system and the folding system, ensuring that the fabrics are neatly placed to take full advantage of the storage fabric width, so as to achieve maximum load-bearing capacity, and to effectively reduce the fabric twisting probability.

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