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Rotary speed setting and cleaning method of Industrial drying machine
May 14, 2018

Industrial drying machine is a kind of drying equipment which is very popular. The material will move in its internal state. When the rotation speed is low, the material is basically located in the lower region of the cylinder. As the rotational speed of the drum increases, the movement of the material in the dryer will also change.


The material in the Industrial drying machine is gradually brought to a certain height. After flushing the heat-exchange tube and the inner wall of the cylinder, the material particles group exhibits a significant fluidization characteristic in the dense-phase region. When the rotational speed is further increased, most of the material is moved along with the cylinder wall by the tube wall and the column tube, and the primary effect is centrifugal force at this time.


The results of the experiment indicate that the optimal rotational speed for the heat transfer to the industrial drying machine should be between 3-4 rpm. When the speed exceeds 5 rpm, most of the material will change with the wall. Moreover, the rotating speed of the drum type hair dryer and the tube has a significant effect on the movement of the material in the barrel.


After a period of use, the fluff collector underneath the tumble dryer needs to be cleaned, otherwise a lot of fluff adhered to the fluff collector will affect the moisture discharge inside the roller and ensure that it can be better Drying effect.


When designing a industrial drying machine, its exhaust pipe elbow should not be as large as possible. The more elbows, the longer the drying time. Because there are many elbows in the exhaust pipe, the exhaust will not be smooth. If you want to save energy, exhaust pipes should be reduced as much as possible, and the plush should be cleaned regularly.

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