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Selection principle of the yarn hydro extractor machine
Dec 18, 2018

The selection of the yarn hydro extractor machine is reasonable in order to save investment, reduce operating costs, ensure product quality, and obtain maximum economic benefits. The ideal selection of the yarn hydraulic extractor must be based on the user's own conditions and material factors, in order to find the most suitable model for their materials.

Before the yarn hydro extractor machine is selected, it is best to make the drying experiment of the material, and to understand the drying device that has been used in similar materials, which is often helpful for proper selection. The drying device with simple structure, sufficient spare parts supply, high reliability and long service life is preferred.

The yarn hydro extractor machine must first be applicable to specific materials and meet the basic requirements for drying of materials, including good handling of materials, and can meet the basic requirements of processing volume, dewatering amount, product quality and so on. And the operating costs of equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor costs, maintenance costs, spare parts costs, etc. should be as low as possible.

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