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Singeing and process requirements of cloth dyeing machine
Aug 25, 2018

When the cloth dyeing machine is in operation, its original cloth preparation is effective, including its original cloth inspection, cloth turning and seaming. When it is used, the purpose of the original cloth inspection is to check the quality of the grey cloth, and the problem can be found in time when the operation is performed. Solve it. The inspection includes two physical indicators and appearance defects.

The main purpose of the singeing of the cloth dyeing machine is to burn the fluff on the cloth surface to make the cloth surface smooth and beautiful, and prevent uneven dyeing and printing defects caused by the presence of fluff during dyeing and printing. In order to smooth the weaving, the textile mill often sizing the warp yarn to improve the strength and wear resistance. The slurry on the grey cloth affects the water absorption performance of the fabric, and also affects the quality of the dyeing and finishing product, and increases the consumption of dyed chemicals. Therefore, the slurry should be removed before scouring. This process is called desizing.

The cloth dyeing machine is a relatively complicated process in the process of dyeing. Under normal circumstances, different dyeing processes of different quality are different, such as cotton, polyester-cotton, nylon, polyester, chemical fiber products, blended products and the like. Some use padding, dyeing can be, and some must use high temperature and high pressure dyeing, some only dye once, and some have to be painted multiple times.

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