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Skein dyeing machine detailed description
Aug 09, 2018

The box skein dyeing machine is suitable for dyeing and squeezing a variety of skein, such as cotton yarn, wool, artificial wool, cotton and linen. At present, the cylinder block is made of high quality anti-corrosion stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable. The pre-process can be carried out in a box skein dyeing machine such as refining, puffing, bleaching, dyeing and softening.


In the tank skein dyeing machine cylinder, there are also direct and indirect steam hoses, which can raise temperature, cool down and keep warm, and have the advantages of uniform heating of the dye liquor and rapid temperature rise. At the same time, the circulating pump impeller adopts multi-stage pulley shifting, which can adjust the circulation speed to meet different skein dyeing requirements. The fuselage of the machine is completely enclosed, and excellent sealant is installed around the cylinder door to prevent leakage. The bottom of the cylinder is equipped with a flow equalizing plate to uniformly circulate the dye liquor to eliminate eddy current, effectively preventing the skein from being entangled during the process.


In addition, an automatic timer is arranged in the electrical box of the box skein dyeing machine, which can automatically change the direction of the impeller, change the direction of the liquid flow, and ensure uniform temperature of the liquid flow. Moreover, the skeining time is also automatically controlled by the electric system inside the box. The precise control system is completed by manual operation, and the process program can be adjusted at any time, which is convenient and reliable.

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