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Some common types of fabric dyeing machines
Oct 09, 2018

There are many different types of dyeing machines, and it is a kind of dyeing equipment. If it is from the perspective of dyed form, the dyeing machine can be divided into four types: loose fibers, slivers, yarns and fabrics. The following is an introduction to the fabric dyeing machine.


A fabric dyeing machine, which may be of a specific type of dyeing machine, is merely illustrative of the dyeing machine used to dye the fabric, but does not specify the specific type of dyeing machine.


High-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machine: it can be used for dyeing flat fabrics and some post-treatment processes. In the dyeing process, there are direct dyes, reactive dyes, vat dyes, sulphur dyes and disperse dyes.


Short-flow wet-bake continuous dyeing machine: It is possible to dye the fabric. In the operation process, it is for flat feeding → uniform rolling → wet box → wet baking oven → three cooling rollers → 6 m bridge → regular Washing → soaping → washing process. After the fabric is uniformly immersed in the dyeing liquid, it is directly into the wet baking oven for drying reaction without drying, and the function of the wet box is to make the guide cloth wet, and the humidity and temperature in the baking box are stabilized.


Structural performance characteristics of fabric dyeing machine:


(1) In this type of dyeing machine, there is a cylinder block, and a warp roll is arranged in the cylinder block, the front end of the cylinder block is a cylinder head, and a warp beam is further arranged between the cylinder head and the cylinder block. The pressing device is further provided with a warp beam driving device at the rear end of the cylinder to drive the warp roll to rotate. On the warp beam roll, there are a plurality of through holes, and there is a centrifugal pump connection port for the dye liquid to enter.


(2) Fabric warp beam dyeing machine This kind of fabric dyeing machine is controlled by a driving device. When dyeing, the rotatable warp beam is controlled by the driving device, and rotates at a fixed frequency in the dyeing cylinder to make the dyeing cylinder partially filled with water. The whole roll of fabric can be rotated and stained with dyeing liquid, so that the dyeing bath ratio is greatly reduced.

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