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Standard structure and performance characteristics of double overflow high temperature dyeing machine
Dec 20, 2018

Double overflow high temperature dyeing machine has independent double-flow low-pressure jet dyeing system, suitable for loose processing of various thick, thin, woven and knitted fabrics such as chemical fiber, chemical fiber blending, cotton weaving and interlacing. Not only can the excellent dyeing effect be obtained, but the cloth does not have any defects such as fluffing, tissue deformation, wrinkles, straight stripes, and color flowers. Knitted fabrics provide excellent shrinkage and maintain the elasticity of the fabric.

The double overflow high temperature dyeing machine adopts the unique design concept of overflow and jet dual-use nozzles. Users can convert the water flow into low-pressure, large-volume, flexible pure overflow according to different types of cloth. Water flow or high-pressure, high-speed pure jet water flow, wide range of dyeing. Woven fabrics and knitted fabrics can be applied, and the dyeing quality is excellent, low cost and high efficiency.

All parts in contact with dyeing liquid in double overflow high temperature dyeing machine are made of imported high corrosion resistant stainless steel. Teflon plate is placed in the storage tank; high efficiency stainless steel centrifugal pump, variable frequency soft start; medium multi-tube high efficiency heat exchanger and filter; magnetic flap automatic control level gauge; large-capacity feeding bucket equipped with injection pump and agitator.Digital tachometer with variable speed hoist motor, driven by frequency converter, excellent performance. 

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