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Standard structure and use characteristics of bulk fiber dryer
Jul 21, 2018

The operation method and device of the loose fiber dryer are the technical field of bulk fiber drying, and are characterized in that they effectively include the linkage of a drive motor, a blower and a drive motor, a heat exchanger and a blower, and a dryer and heat exchange. Connected to the condenser, the condenser is connected to the dryer, and the blower is connected to the condenser.

The bulk fiber dryer is very suitable for the special bobbin of the drying device when it is used, so that the high-temperature and high-pressure fully-sealed drying of loose fibers can be achieved, which can effectively save equipment and labor, and reduce energy consumption and production costs. At the same time improve the product quality. The continuous bulk fiber dryer is mainly used for the drying of loose fibers, loose hair, loose hair and other fabrics. It is easy to operate and can be equipped with feeding equipment to automate production. Appearance spray treatment, both beautiful and anti-corrosion.

Standard structure of bulk fiber dryer

1. Loose fiber dryer is suitable for wool, cashmere. Continuous drying of loose fibers such as cotton, silk and acrylic fibers.

2. The machine is equipped with thermal insulation layer and has high thermal efficiency.

3. The use of high-efficiency lead spiral heat sink.

4. Use multiple temperature control zones.

5. All stainless steel conveyor plate, controlled by the frequency conversion speed.

6. According to different varieties of loose fibers. Upward or downward suction blowers can be used.

The characteristics of bulk fiber dryer

The bulk fiber dryer has a large drying strength, and its use is highly dispersed in the air stream during use. The entire surface of the particles is actively dry and effective, and the drying time is short. The structure of the air dryer is simple and covers an area. Small in size, easy to build and maintain when used.

The bulk fiber dryer has a large amount of processing and high thermal efficiency. When drying unbound water, the thermal efficiency can reach 60%. The dryer achieves “zero horizontal thrust”, which greatly reduces the wear of the brace wheel, and the cylinder body operates smoothly and reliably. The dryer adopts “aligning roller bearing device” to make the support of the roller and the roller ring be in linear contact forever. This greatly reduces wear and power loss.

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