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Stripping method for various fabrics by fabric dyeing machine
Mar 30, 2018

The fabric dyeing machine can not only dye the various fabrics, but also complete the stripping process. It is the use of chemical action that destroys the dyes on the fibers and causes them to lose their color. What are the stripping agents used in stripping the fabric dyeing machine? Specifically how to deal with.


There are mainly two types of chemical stripping agents used in fabric dyeing machines.One type is a reducing stripping agent, which achieves the purpose of fading or achromatism by destroying a coloring system in a dye molecular structure, such as an azo structure dye, and thus its fading can be restored.


The other is oxidative stripping agents, of which the most commonly used are hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite. Under certain conditions, oxidants can cause discoloration or achromatization of some color molecules and dyes that make up the dye molecules.Therefore, in theory, the oxidative stripping agent can be completely stripped, so that the stripping effect of the fabric dyeing machine is excellent.


Under normal circumstances, the fabric dyeing machine stripping of reactive dyes containing any metal complex reactive dyes, it should be processed for 30 minutes. The fabric dyeing machine is fully cleaned after reduction stripping; Then cold drift in sodium hypochlorite solution.


Sulphur dyes are stripped of sulphur dyes and dyed fabrics are usually modified to contain them in sodium sulphide.The fabric dyeing machine treats at the highest possible temperature and achieves partial stripping of the dyeing before re-staining to meet actual requirements.

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