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Structure and use characteristics of the wool fiber dyeing machine
Jan 25, 2019

Wool fiber dyeing machine structure

1. Adopt high-efficiency centrifugal water pump design, equipped with stainless steel motor cover and machine base, installed at the bottom of dyeing tank.

2. Efficient steam coils are placed in the bottom of the dyeing tank to increase heat exchange efficiency.

3. Vertical cylinder structure, equipped with heavy hammer + switch cover.

4. The fixed cage assembly is equipped with a movable pallet and equipped with an adjustment pad.

Wool fiber dyeing machine use characteristics

1. It is suitable for atmospheric pressure dyeing of various loose fibers such as cashmere, cotton, wool and acrylic.

2. The circulating pump rotates forward and reverse to ensure rapid fiber dyeing. Equipped with medium pressure basin for semi-loading dyeing, can be used with computer.

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