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Subdivision type and structure of yarn dyeing machine
Sep 12, 2018

Yarn dyeing machine is widely used in wool, skein or cotton yarn, polyester yarn, nylon yarn, etc. It can be subdivided into skein, cheese yarn and warp yarn dyeing machine. In the case of a reciprocating yarn dyeing machine, it is a semi-mechanical operation device and is relatively simple. The skein is hung on the triangular rod of the fixed plate. The movement of the plate allows the triangular rod to move to the left and right, so that the skein is dyed in the dyeing tank.


There is also a jet yarn dyeing machine consisting of a dyeing tank, a hole tube, a rotating device and a pump. When dyeing, the skein is respectively placed on the parallel hole tube, and the dye liquid is sent from the liquid tank to the manhole by a pump. Spray on the skein. At the same time, due to the rotation of the turning device, the skein hung on the hole tube can be gradually rotated to achieve uniform dyeing. The equipment bath is relatively small, and the skein loading and unloading operation is convenient.


The high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine is also a type of yarn dyeing machine. When dyeing, the skein is first stacked in a sarong, and then the upper cover is tightened. Draw the cage into the dyeing tank for dyeing. When dyeing, relying on the action of the pump, the dyeing liquid is ejected from the nozzle in the middle of the saddle, and is recirculated from all sides, and is recirculated by the motor for a certain period of time.


The cheese dyeing machine in the yarn dyeing machine is a pressurized sealing device, which is composed of a dyeing tank, a liquid storage tank, a creel, a circulation pump and the like. When dyeing, the yarn is simply mounted on the creel, and the dyeing liquid is sprayed from the inner hole of the creel. After the warp layer and the dyeing tank, the pump is pressed to the sump. Dyeing liquid at regular intervals to do reverse circulation.

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