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Terry towel dyeing machine inspection requirements and temperature controller function
Feb 28, 2019

The terry towel dyeing machine needs to inspect each part during the operation, such as whether the fasteners are completely fastened, etc. If the problem is found during the inspection, it must be processed and solved in time, and it should be The fabrics are classified according to color, texture, etc., and it is not possible to mix them all together.


The terry towel dyeing machine should be used in the amount of detergent when used, too much and too little will have a serious impact on the fabric. When the water temperature of the dyeing machine reaches 70 degrees Celsius, the steam valve can be directly closed. After completing the work of the dyeing machine, the power supply of the equipment must be completely disconnected to prevent accidents.


The temperature controller function of the  terry towel dyeing machine  has the following

1. Reduce power consumption: the main pump motor uses soft start of inverter, short dyeing process, and preemptive discharge technology without stopping

2. Stable dyeing water ratio: The dyeing water ratio of each tube in the 70-100% load plan can be adhered to 1:5, and the work is smooth.

3. Habit planning: It can meet the dyeing needs of different gram weight and width fabrics, and it can be completed in a cycle of 3 minutes without decontamination.

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