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Textile dehydrator temperature control and configuration requirements
Mar 14, 2019

Textile dehydrator temperature control and configuration requirements

In the whole process of extraction, the Textile dehydrator automatically controls the whole process of the computer. The solid materials and the solvent always maintain relative motion and are evenly heated, continuously updating the diffused interface, and always maintaining the ideal material-liquid concentration difference (gradient). The effective ingredient extraction rate is large and the extraction speed is fast.

The Textile dehydrator achieves high efficiency, stability, controllability and energy saving in the production process, eliminating the instability of manual operation and effectively improving the quality of the product. The traditional fuzzy production is the whole process of data tracking and intelligent control, which is replaced by traditional computerized and intelligent control. The computer intelligent control system mainly has functional systems such as process measurement and control subsystem, soft measurement subsystem, process analysis subsystem, production management subsystem, experiment management subsystem and remote monitoring subsystem, which are configured according to user requirements.

The Textile dehydrator measurement and control subsystem can realize automatic measurement and control of process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level and motor revolution. The experimental management subsystem is specially configured for experimental and pilot equipment, with functions such as experimental scheme management, data processing and storage retrieval, statistical analysis, reporting, and reporting. Various types of dedicated data processing and analysis software are also available upon request.

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