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Textile dyeing machine technology principle and application
May 28, 2018

The aerodynamic principle is mainly used in the design of textile dyeing machines. In the working process, the water mist-like dyeing liquor produced by special nozzles is used to complete the dyeing process in the air-liquid mixing room and the dyed fabric, and is drawn by the circulating air flow. Dyeing fabrics undergo cyclical movements.


1, on the key technology of textile dyeing machine:

In practical applications, the textile dyeing machine process can be summarized as follows: pretreatment (sizing, refining, bleaching, alkali reduction) → dyeing → post-treatment → soft finishing. Among the key technologies involved are: dye nozzles, gas-liquid mixing chambers, circulating fans, variable-section storage tanks, dye liquor distribution systems, dye liquor temperature control systems, flow control systems, and feed control systems.


2, on the technical application of textile dyeing machine:


With the continuous development of the market, the current high-temperature and high-pressure airflow dyeing machine belongs to a new type of high-efficient energy-saving and environmental protection dyeing equipment. In practical applications, compared with the ordinary overflow or jet dyeing machine, the equipment can not only effectively improve the dyeing success rate of the product, but also greatly reduce the amount of water and steam consumption. At the same time, it can also save 10% to 15% of dyes, save 60% of additives, and reduce emissions by 50%.


Not only that, using this type of textile dyeing machine can also improve the fabric feel. This is very beneficial to the user. It can be seen that the equipment on the one hand improves the quality of the product, and on the other hand, it lowers the production cost and brings more economic benefits to the company.


3, on the main operating rules of textile dyeing machine:


As a user, in daily operations, it should be noted that the various parts of the textile dyeing machine should be inspected frequently, especially if the fasteners are good. If there are problems, they should be resolved in time. When dyeing fabrics, they should be sorted according to their color, texture, etc. They should not be mixed together. Also control the amount of detergent and water temperature. After the operation is completed, the power of the textile dyeing machine should be cut off in time.

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