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Textile Machinery Industry Depth Report: Cycle superimposed growth, traditional industry Nirvana Reborn
Dec 18, 2017

Textile machinery refers to a variety of natural fibres and chemical fibres to be processed into textile machinery and equipment for the general name. The textile industry chain process is long, the division of labor is fine, the procedure request difference is big, thus causes the textile Machinery Specialization Division degree to be high, according to the manufacturing link may divide into the spinning machinery, knitting machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, clothing machinery and so on. Textile machinery industry chain of various links to a wide range of technology, the industry has a high technical barriers.

Occasion global textile industry to move eastward, domestic substitution steady forward, leading the world first-class enterprise.

The world's leading textile machinery manufacturers mainly from Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and China, the industry shows a leading share of concentration, SMEs coexist pattern. Occasion Global textile industry to the east, China has become a global textile machine, leading the scale of the initial size of the world's first-class enterprise strength, the future is expected to further develop overseas.

Update release overlay downstream earnings improvement drives capital expenditure, and cyclical recovery ushered in an upward inflection point.

Spinning machine cyclical and downstream textile industry is closely related, industry experienced five years of decline in the end of 16 after the recovery, the first half of 17 revenue with 13%, the total profit was 23%. On the one hand, the supply side reform constantly repaying backward production capacity, more important reason lies in updating demand release, downstream textile enterprise profit improvement drive capital expenditure will enhance, and labor cost to upgrade the driving equipment upgrading demand. Computerized knitting machine For example, its life expectancy is generally 6-8 years, the current stock equipment has a considerable part of the need to upgrade, and downstream profitability is expected to stimulate the renewal of demand accelerated release, promote the industry cycle inflection point upward.

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