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The advantages of the cheese dewatering machine in the structure, material and function
Mar 10, 2018

The bobbin dewatering machine is different from the general dehydration equipment.t has been widely used for its advantages of simple, fast and low cost.On the basis of this simple explanation, you may not be able to experience the advantages of the cheese dewatering machine. So we can know it from its structure, material and performance.

In order to reduce the moisture on the surface of the yarn before drying, save energy and shorten drying time,before the hot air drying, also add a special dehydration link.Dehydration is usually carried out by specialized cheese dewatering machine, which is not only efficient, but also can guarantee the quality of dehydration.

The cheese dewatering machine is made of high quality stainless steel to make the inner cage of  petal shape, so that the bobbin tube is not deformed, which is good for the return. And adopt a systematic way of control,It can adjust the dehydration frequency according to the actual dehydration, operate conveniently, save time, save labor.

The cheese dewatering machine is used to rotate the yarn in turn by using multiple spinning discs.This can effectively prevent the yarn from being exposed to high temperature and dry air for too long, which can damage the fiber and reduce the breaking elongation and fracture strength of dyed cotton yarn.

In addition, it also has a yarn cylindrical bobbin carrier, which can save the working time and ensure the output. In the process of dehydration, the use of pressure rotary dehydration, which makes the dehydration more thorough.The user only needs to set the dewatering time by using the computer system controller of the cheese dewatering machine. The machine can operate automatically and ensure the quality of the dehydration.

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