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The characteristics of the continuous dyeing machine and its efficacy
Sep 28, 2018

After the unique design of the continuous dyeing machine, different products have many unique characteristics, and at the same time bring a series of excellent use effects to meet the dyeing needs of more users. First of all, the continuous dyeing machine is equipped with a hot air dryer, the hot air is even, the temperature difference is small, and its unique air outlet and special air duct and wind box are connected to make the fabric drying process evaporate.


At the same time, it also has a unique frame structure, which will not be deformed by heat or force, thereby ensuring the parallelism between the guide rollers and achieving the smooth running of the fabric; uniform roll rubber and rubber coating technology, reliable and durable; Uniform roll body and pneumatic and hydraulic components ensure uniform rolling of the car to achieve brand efficiency.


Therefore, in such a continuous dyeing machine, the conveyance of the webbing is carried out by means of a roller shaft in all the processes from the tape feeding to the take-up, and the dyeing operation can be performed on several webbings at the same time, and the dyeing efficiency is high. Since the dyeing machine is also provided with a recovery device for thermal energy, the used hot air is recovered, and the recovered heat energy heats the water for other uses.


Since the heat energy of the continuous dyeing machine is recovered, the energy loss can be greatly reduced, energy saving and production cost can be reduced; in addition, the distributed structure is used to improve the operational reliability of the equipment, and the maintenance and maintenance are simpler.

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