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The composition and characteristics of the vat dyeing machine
Sep 04, 2018

In general, the dyeing process of the vat dyeing machine for fabrics can be summarized as follows: dye up dyeing, dye reduction, dye oxidation, and soaping after dyeing. The continuous reduction dyeing machine can finish dyeing and fixing the incoming fabric without interruption.


The basic information of the vat dyeing machine is introduced:

For the user, the machine can continuously dye the fabric to be treated, and fix the color to ensure the treatment effect. At present, the machine is mainly applied to the dyeing of continuous flat woven fabric.


The main components of the vat dyeing machine:

1. Into the cloth opening and wefting system, the main function of the system is to make the fabric enter the machine smoothly;

2. Dye padding system, the main function of which is to infiltrate the fabric with dyeing and padding, maintain a certain rolling ratio, and make the dyeing uniform;

3 pre-drying system to evaporate excess water in time;

4. Steaming/baking/hot melt system: Provides moist heat and high temperature conditions to fix the dye.


The main features of the vat dyeing machine:

Under normal circumstances, the machine achieves continuous production, high production efficiency, and is suitable for mass production operations.

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