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The fiber damage of the loose fiber dyeing machine is small and the conditions of use
Aug 20, 2018

The loose fiber dyeing machine can obtain certain fiber effect and whiteness after the fabric before dyeing is boiled and floated by its retreating and dispersing fiber dyeing machine. This makes the dye easier to dye the fiber. The cotton fiber of the bulk fiber dyeing machine mainly contains pectin, nitrogenous substance, waxy fat, ash, pigment, cottonseed hull and woven pulp.

The loose fiber dyeing machine has a relatively large process because of the small amount of cotton fibers accompanying the co-growth of the fabric, and the process of removing it is relatively difficult. The chemical agent contained in the chemical fiber is relatively easy to handle, and all the new additives are continuously produced. Things should be removed, but also thoroughly, otherwise it will not be dyed; Finally, the fabric impurities are kept clean after removal, and there is no residue attached or clamped between the fibers. In order to achieve these three objectives, in addition to the selection of good additives, it is necessary to provide conditions that meet the requirements for effective action.

The loose fiber dyeing machine has less damage to the fabric

The fabric of the loose fiber dyeing machine needs to meet the requirements of the dyeing process before the dyeing process, and the processing time of the bulk fiber dyeing machine is too long (because the treatment effect is not up to the requirement, the process is extended several times) ,May cause mechanical wear. Therefore, to choose the pre-processing method, we must take into account all aspects, and we must not lose sight of it.

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