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The inportment of loose fiber dryer in fabric production
Jan 15, 2018

Drying is the finishing process in the process of fabric production, so there are different types of dyeing machines, as well as corresponding dryers. The loose fiber dryer is designed to remove the moisture content of various fibers. It plays an important role in the production process of fiber dyeing.

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Loose msterial dryer is mainly drying by the high frequency ejector technology,  greatly improves the process quality and production schedule. The whole process is controlled by computer to ensure the precision, stability and reliability of the production process.

Loose fiber dryer can solve the problem of color difference in fiber fabric, breaking strength of the fiber;elongation of the fracture decrease and so on. Overcome the uniformity of moisture in fabric, medium and outer, and the yield of product is greatly improved.

Loose fiber dryer made water molecules wave billions of times per second with high frequency electromagnetic in the yarn, it makes the water molecules ;  dye molecules, ; fibers collide; extrusion; friction to achieve the purpose of drying. This drying method does not have strong hot air "shuttle" between the fibers. Electromagnetic waves directly affect the water molecules, and the damage to the fibers is small, After drying, reduce the elongation rate and fracture strength of the fiber, so that the shape of the fabric can be preserved intact. 

After the processing of the fiber dryer, the accuracy of moisture regain can reach +1%; made the dry and wet parts of the fabric have different heat-absorbing ability, so as to ensure the high quality of the products and shorten the process period greatly.


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