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The loose fiber wool dyeing machine runs stably and durable
Mar 03, 2019

The loose fiber wool dyeing machine is made of all stainless steel when it is used. The speed regulation of the whole equipment will have the advantages of no noise, convenient speed regulation, etc. It is suitable for seamless underwear, silk stockings, silk, etc. of hemp, cotton, rayon and blended. . The dyeing leaves are stirred in the forward and reverse directions to make the dyeing material into a floating dye state, with uniform dyeing and strong penetrating power, and it is not easy to damage the dye.


The loose fiber wool dyeing machine is very suitable for the finishing treatment of knitted fabrics such as seamless underwear, sweater, acrylic shirt, nylon socks, scarves, gloves, cashmere and blends. It is stable, safe, reliable and noise-free. Each part is durable.


The loose fiber wool dyeing machine is mainly used for the dyeing of its fabric or yarn during operation, and has the characteristics of uniform dyeing and not easy to dye flowers when used.

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