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The low bath ratio of the overflow dyeing machine enables clean production
Sep 10, 2018

The overflow dyeing machine is popular among users because of its high quality, good hand feeling, wide applicability, short process flow, energy saving, water saving, small batch and large load, automatic control and eco-friendly. According to the needs of different dyeing temperatures, the overflow dyeing machine can be divided into high temperature and high pressure type and normal temperature and normal pressure type.


During the dyeing process of the overflow dyeing machine, the fabric operation is driven by the liquid flow. In order to reduce the impact of water on the loose fabric of the structure, reduce the pilling phenomenon, and improve the feel and appearance of the fabric, the lifting roller is widely used to assist the fabric operation, and the nozzle is used. The pressure is reduced to 0-1 kg/cm2. Due to the slight impact of the nozzle flow on the fabric, the overflow dyeing machine is more widely used than the jet dyeing machine and the slow flow dyeing machine.


Compared to other dyeing equipment, the overflow dyeing machine takes a big step towards environmentally friendly dyeing with its relatively low bath ratio, and the bath ratio has dropped to 1:7-1:8. Further reducing the bath ratio of the overflow dyeing machine not only reduces environmental pollution, shortens the dyeing cycle, and achieves eco-friendly dyeing, but also reduces production costs and improves product quality.


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