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The main advantages of continuous skein dryer
Jul 09, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the continuous skein dryer is mainly composed of a combination of frame, fan, heater, etc. The frame is composed of channel steel, angle steel, etc., divided into two parts, the main chamber and the side chamber, separated by steel plates. The main chamber of the continuous skein dryer is equipped with a conveyor curtain, a heater and a windshield, and the side chamber is equipped with a fan, a wind guide, a speed control motor and a speed reducer.


For the time being, the continuous skein dryer is mainly used for the drying of various skein of natural, artificial wool, rayon, hemp, cotton and blended fibers, and the operation is simple and safe, combined with other machinery. , can achieve automated production.


The main advantages of the continuous skein dryer:

1. The equipment adopts high-efficiency spiral radiator, and the whole machine is equipped with insulation layer to ensure high thermal efficiency.

2. Returning from the low temperature to the high temperature inlet and returning to the section by section, saving heat energy and making the skein dry and regain moisture evenly.

3, continuous skein dryer each sports group independent transmission, easy maintenance and repair.

4. The exit of the exit is equipped with a cooling fan to improve the working environment on site.

5. The continuous skein dryer is equipped with a yarn returning machine, saving time and effort.


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