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The main function of cheese yarn dyeing machine
May 07, 2018

In the dyeing process using the cheese dyeing machine, the control requirements for the amount of incoming water are often strict. This is because if the control of the incoming water is not accurate, it means that the bath ratio is inaccurate. This is difficult to ensure the reproducibility of dyeing for the same yarn dyeing process. Therefore, with the improvement of technology, many cheese dyeing machines currently use differential pressure transmitters to control the amount of water.


The advantage of using this method is that the amount of water can be controlled more precisely so as to ensure the accuracy of the bath ratio, and at the same time it is equivalent to guarantee the dyeing quality of cheese dyeing machine. The device has advanced functions, and these functions are mainly achieved through the main devices therein.


First of all, let's look at the commutation device and control features of the cheese dyeing machine. In general, according to the dyeing process requirements, the dyeing solution passing through the cheese yarn is subjected to a time commutation, that is, inside-out or outside-in circulation. There are mainly two ways to realize the reversal of the circulation dye liquor: firstly, the main circulation pump of the axial flow type is adopted, and the direction of circulation of the dyeing liquid of the main circulation is changed by the forward and reverse rotation; the other is the use of a centrifugal pump or a mixed-flow pump, The change of the dye liquor inside and outside of the yarn layer is changed by the reversing device.


The second is to rationally design the metering and feeding system to ensure the dyeing quality. Everyone should know that in the dyeing process of the cheese dyeing machine, the time and speed of feeding have a great influence on the dyeing quality. Especially for the dyeing of cellulosic fibers, the process control of the addition is very important when reactive dyes are used. At present, non-linear metering and feeding control is mainly used to ensure full yarn dyeing.


Finally, we must also pay attention to the proper control of its heating rate. This is because in the dyeing process of the cheese dyeing machine, the actual dyeing rate and fixing rate are related to the speed of the heating rate. When the heating rate is controlled proportionally, the heating rate curve becomes continuous and smooth, and the temperature fluctuation is small, and the heating rate can be controlled within a very low range. This works well for dyes and yarns that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

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