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The main structure of garment dyeing machine and its respective characteristics
Nov 24, 2018

The main cylinder of the garment dyeing machine is generally horizontal structure. The material is stainless steel resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, with a storage tank inside, and the storage tank is lined with a smooth Teflon tube, and the dye liquor is not stored in the tank. The surface of the Teflon tube has a low coefficient of friction. At the same time, because the cross section of the storage trough is a variable diameter arc design. The stacked rope-like fabric can automatically slide forward by its own weight, so it will not be wrapped, blocked, and knotted.

The dyeing circulation system of the garment dyeing machine consists of the main circulation pump and related pipelines, control valves, etc., and the dye liquor is forced to circulate through the main circulation pump. The main pump motor is controlled by AC frequency conversion to meet the needs of different dyeing cycle frequencies. At the same time, its air circulation system consists of high-pressure centrifugal fan, air flow duct, air flow filter duct, air-jet nozzle of garment dyeing machine, etc. The speed of garment running can be adjusted by adjusting the air volume generated by the fan and the matching cloth roller speed. Control Because the different fabrics are dyed, the air volume and cloth speed required by the process are different.

The nozzle system is a key component of the garment dyeing machine and is mainly composed of a dyeing nozzle, a gas jet nozzle, a throat pipe and a nozzle shell. The first structural design is to take into account the ease of disassembly and assembly, and the second is to seal better, to prevent leakage of dye liquor. In addition, its feeding system has multiple chemical cylinders, some of which are equipped with flowmeters, which can automatically carry out cylinder and metering of acid, alkali, salt and dye. Most of them are only equipped with one or two chemical cylinders, according to the needs of the process. , writing programs and PLC computer control.

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