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The price of dye increases with the increase of dyeing fee
Dec 18, 2017

Printing and dyeing enterprises to develop and produce low-cost, low pollution of green products, the first need to use eco-friendly, high dyeing rate of dyes and high-performance auxiliaries.

and printing and dyeing prices affect the most is the price of dyes, this year, the dye price adjustment many times, the impact of the dye fee is quite large. To the world's largest dye in Zhejiang Longsheng disperse black as an example, because of environmental supervision, disperse dyes price adjustment many times. July 27 Price has been from the original 2400 yuan/ton, rose to 2600 yuan/ton. August 3, disperse black ect300% again raise the price to 30 yuan/kg. September 4 onwards, disperse black ect300% factory price 45000 yuan/ton, up to August 24 up 5000 yuan/ton, or 12.5%. As a result, since August, the major printing and dyeing plants have to increase the cost of dyeing, such as chemical fiber class up 0.10 yuan/m, cotton up to 0.20 yuan/m, Luo satin up 0.10 yuan/m. The increase in dyeing fees, so that downstream enterprises have lamented, some people jokingly: this year, in addition to the air no price increases, everything is rising!

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