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The principle and main features of fabric dryer machine
Apr 13, 2018

Fabric dryer machines are one type of fabric dyeing and finishing cleaning equipment. They are generally used to remove water from fabrics after water is eluted. It is a method of rotating the inner cylinder forward and backward, so that the fabric spreads out and evenly heats, and the water produced when the fabric is dried is discharged through the ventilation system to achieve the effect of drying the fabric.


The fabric dryer machine uses an automatic control device, which only needs to adjust the drying temperature and drying time through the control panel. The cooling time can automatically complete the entire drying process. And its electric heating uses energy-saving and durable quartz infrared heating tube, steam type energy-saving copper radiator, long life, high thermal efficiency, does not damage the fabric.


The fabric dryer machine is a horizontal drum type structure. The liner is made of high-quality stainless steel, smooth and highly resistant to corrosion. Its drum is also made of high-quality stainless steel. The barrel is beautiful and smooth, durable, no scratches on the fabric, showing a large capacity, low noise, fast heating, and high efficiency. The treated fabric is fluffy and soft.


Fabric dryer machine can be divided into 10kg, 30kg, 50kg, 70kg, 100kg, 120kg, 150kg, 120kg, 200kg and other series according to the capacity. In addition to apply to hotels, hotels, colleges, hospitals, laundry and clothing, textiles, printing and dyeing, food, chemical, medical equipment and other industries, but also applies to leather products, softening, drying and other processes.


In addition to the distinction between capacity and size, fabric dryers can be divided into electric heating dryers and steam heating dryers according to the heating method, regardless of which one can make the fabric achieve the desired drying effect and also saves energy.

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