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The rise of the Internet of things, the textile industry intelligent How to go to the stage?
Dec 18, 2017

The party's 19 report said that "accelerate the construction of manufacturing power, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing, promote the Internet, large data, artificial intelligence and the real economic depth of integration."

Cao Coujun, deputy director of the Consumer goods Industry Division, Ministry of Industry and Information technology Director of Equipment Industry Division Ye Mei, deputy director of the Consumer goods industry division, longitudinal Rui Long, Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor of Donghua University, Yu Jianyong, national network of Things 973 scientists JMJ, Shandong province by the letter of Deputy director Sha, Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission director Xu Hong, Taian Municipal Committee, Standing deputy mayor of Bao Wei, China Textile Industry Federation committee vice President Shiring, as well as from the Taian government departments, China textile joint departments, professional associations of the person in charge, equipment manufacturers, information services, representatives of enterprises and institutions of higher learning, Scientific research Institute of experts gathered for the construction of modern textile power to make suggestions.

Sha said that this Congress is a comprehensive implementation of the party's 19 spirit, to guide the national textile and apparel industry to achieve "intelligent" development of the important measures for the textile and garment industry in Shandong Province, the transformation of the development of important significance. Textile and clothing is the pillar industry of Shandong Province. 2016, Shandong Textile and garment industry to achieve the main business income of 129 million yuan, the scale of the second in the country, with Compingna, Lutai, Ruyi, bridegroom, red collar, such as a large number of national well-known textile and garment enterprises, has made a number of national leading major technological innovation results, Ruyi Group "Ruyi Square", kangping Cheese automatic dyeing complete sets of equipment "has won the first prize of national Science and technology progress, red collar," personalized apparel and kangping "cheese yarn dyeing Intelligent Factory" was included in the national batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project.

This year, the provincial government has initiated the implementation of new and old energy conversion key projects. Taking new technology, new industry, new industry, new model "four new" elements as the fingers, to promote industrial wisdom, intelligent industry, Cross-border integration, brand high-end "four" change, to achieve traditional industries to improve quality, new industries to scale, cross-border integration to bring potential, high-end brand value "four" development, to create good quality and efficiency, Shandong New economy with strong innovation ability, excellent industrial structure, deep degree of integration, high brand value, long stamina, safe environmental protection and energy saving.

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