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The specific types of fiber dyeing machines and their requirements for dyes and auxiliaries
Oct 15, 2018

Dyeing machines, which are of different types, such as fabric dyeing machines, fiber dyeing machines, overflow dyeing machines, and high temperature and high pressure dyeing machines, but no matter which one, they are dyed to make the dyed objects look like The desired color or color effect, and, in turn, can be used directly. So, next, it is to familiarize yourself with and understand the dyeing machine of fiber dyeing machine.


1. Product selection of fiber dyeing machine

The dyeing machine of fiber dyeing machine, the work of purchasing products, needs to be taken seriously and carried out, and all relevant factors are taken into account, so as to have accurate judgment and correct selection results, and select suitable products, and then To ensure that the product has a good use effect, rather than causing product waste and economic losses to the user.


2. The fiber dyeing machine in the fiber dyeing machine

A loose fiber dyeing machine, which is a specific type of fiber dyeing machine, and is a common species. This kind of dyeing machine belongs to the equipment of dispersive fiber dyeing in terms of properties. In terms of specific types, there are:


Hanging basket type: The hanging frame with loose fibers is suspended into the dyeing tank, and the dyeing liquid is sprayed by the pump through the porous tube for dyeing work. When the dyeing is completed, it can be washed in the dyeing tank.

Propeller type: The loose fiber is installed on the bottom of the porous frame. After the porous cover is covered, the groove cover is screwed, and the dyeing liquid is swirled through the porous tube for dyeing. Changing the direction of rotation of the propeller can change the direction of circulation of the dye liquor.


3. Dyeing technology of fiber dyeing machine

The dyeing technique of a fiber dyeing machine, if it is broadly speaking, refers to a technique of dyeing a dyed object, and generally refers to a dyeing technique for various fibers. Moreover, with the continuous advancement of technology, dyes and processes for various fuel bathing or bath dyeing have been developed in recent years, such as dispersion/reactive dye dyeing, dispersion/acid dyeing, reactive/acid dye dyeing dispersion/cation dye dyeing. These are used to accommodate the dyeing of various fibers and mixtures of fibers with other materials. In the dyeing process, there are three methods: a two-bath method, a one-bath two-step method, and a one-bath method.


4. Requirements for dyes and auxiliaries in fiber dyeing machines

(1) The dyes and auxiliaries used in the dyeing process of the fiber dyeing machine should be green and environmentally friendly, and will not harm human health and cause environmental pollution.

(2) It can adapt to the dyeing needs of new hazards and multi-component textiles, and can adapt to new processes and new equipment.

(3) In use, it should be efficient, water-saving and energy-saving.

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