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The transfer of textile industry along the way and Xinjiang will bring new vigor to the textile machinery industry
Dec 18, 2017

Textile as a cost-sensitive industry, following the rule of cost advantage, global textile production capacity to transfer to Asia. Among them, China's textile machinery exports more than 69% of the "area along the way" region (South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia) to undertake the global textile production capacity of the emerging powerhouse, the emergence of local textile industry is expected to bring a large number of new demand for textile machines and old equipment to update demand. Domestically, the preferential policy makes the Xinjiang textile service industry cost is about 10% cheaper than the inland, the policy superposition regional superiority to impel Xinjiang to become the domestic textile industry gathers the Highland, by the end of July 17, the Xinjiang cotton spinning spindle capacity has reached 17.4 million ingots, the future space still has the bright prospects. In addition, the industry superimposed consumption upgrade background, the future of textile machine demand to high-end, intelligent, automated development.

Cycle superimposed growth, select subdivision of the field of tap.

The growth power of textile machinery industry mainly originates from three factors, such as renewing demand release, industrial transfer and industrial automation upgrading. Industry bottom recovery background, leading performance flexibility is greater, the focus of the recommended benefits of domestic cotton spinning capacity to inland Xinjiang and "all the way" of the spinning machinery leading Xinjiang urban construction, knitting horizontal electromechanical control Long Tourui technology, sewing equipment, electronic control leading large Hao technology, recommended focus on sewing machinery leading Jack shares, At the same time pay attention to knitting machinery leading Tzu Chi shares.

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