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Tips for quickly installing terry towel dyeing machine
Dec 06, 2018

The towel dyeing machine is specially used for the process of dyeing, bleaching, scouring and washing of towels. It can also be used for bleaching and dyeing of finished products such as gloves and socks. It is an ideal bleaching and dyeing equipment for a wide range of finished products. Before installing the equipment, you need to determine the location of the dyeing machine installation. However, before installing the dyeing machine, you can reserve space for equipment maintenance and operation, which is convenient for future operation and maintenance.

The terry towel dyeing machine should be mounted on a relatively flat foundation and then secured with the screws on the feet. In the process of installing the dyeing machine, it is good to use the instrument to check the levelness of the equipment. If the level is not enough, you can find it before you can install it.

The three-phase four-wire power supply in the terry towel dyeing machine  can be placed in the electrical box of the device. For the whole process of terry towel dyeing machine  installation, the equipment should be grounded correspondingly to ensure the safety of equipment installation and use, and also promote the smooth dyeing process of terry towel dyeing machine . 

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