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Transformation and escalation into a stumbling block
Dec 18, 2017

This year, the entire textile industry is facing transformation and upgrading problems, then the industry, all the big and medium-sized enterprises in the future, are determined in their own hands.

Printing and dyeing enterprises need to adopt new technology, new technology, new equipment, materials to develop intellectual property, high value-added textile products. This requirement has a direct impact on the transformation and upgrading of printing and dyeing enterprises. The problem of waste water treatment in printing and dyeing industry is the most important, enterprises should deal with or access centralized wastewater treatment facilities, must purchase advanced wastewater treatment equipment. In addition, the product pass rate reached more than 95%.

To improve the quality of products, we must also eliminate old equipment, replacement of new dye and other equipment. Even equipped with the most advanced equipment, printing and dyeing industry, competition pressure still exists, so research and development is also an essential road to transition. These requirements are difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises and are likely to be eliminated.

The market formally entered the traditional "peak season", the increase in nuclear prices, orders are more up, high-density thin fabrics, but also started, a large number of individual varieties of goods, is not broken goods is a tight price. Normal production of dyeing factory is still very busy, but the construction is not stable, the delivery time is greatly prolonged, environmental sequelae gradually reflected. Delivery of urgent orders do not dare to take the promise to deliver the date, the order delivery can not be guaranteed. Production capacity reduction, orders are increasing, it will certainly bring some dyeing factory fabric burst warehouse situation. With the 11 holiday approaching, end customer reminders are more urgent, many orders want to be delivered before the holiday. Therefore, in the near stage, printing and dyeing factories are in full swing, want to reduce the August capacity in the peak season to make up.

Under the pressure of environmental protection, many industry manufacturers said, can be sure that the peak season has been a foregone conclusion! Many printing and dyeing enterprises to eliminate backward production capacity, has reached the key to survival. Printing and dyeing industry in the future rectification of the road a long way to go!

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