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Use precautions and operating procedures of yarn dewatering machine
Mar 26, 2018

The yarn dewatering machine is mainly used in the final process after crushing, rinsing, and circulating rough washing in the process of use. Instead of manual fishing, one-level cleaning and automatic high-speed dehydration functions are added, so as to achieve the obvious purpose of saving labor, improving cleaning quality, and saving electricity consumption. At the same time, it can be matched with automatic conveying devices to form a higher-level automated assembly line production.

The use of yarn dewatering machine precautions

1. Different yarns with different water absorbency should be dehydrated separately.

2. The newly installed dehydrator or newly connected wire must ensure that the motor rotates in the correct direction.

3. If the yarn is strongly uneven due to the uneven placement of the yarn, the power switch should be turned off immediately and the fabric should be placed again and then dehydrated.

4. Do not overload the yarn. In particular, take special care when removing non-clothing items.

5. When the machine is running, do not put your hand into the inner spin basket area of the dehydrator.

Yarn dewatering machine operating procedures

1. Check that there is sufficient lubricant (fat) in each lubrication area. Check for leaks at the connection between the pneumatic system piping and the valve.

Check the flexibility of all valves in the mud, water, and drug lines. Open the line manual valve.

2. Check if the power supply voltage is normal. Check whether the electrical switch and filter belt protection device are reset.

3.Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check carefully whether the position of the filter belt correction deviation detection arm and the machine terminal's filter belt ultra-definition limit detection board is correct. Manually test the corrective action of the corrective device, otherwise blindly open the opportunity to seriously damage the filter belt and switch.

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