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What are the characteristics and important components of the Airflow Dyeing Machine?
Oct 26, 2018

The airflow dyeing machine is a specific type of dyeing machine, and it is also widely used in application. Therefore, it is necessary to master the relevant professional knowledge in order to achieve the correct operation and use, and further, the dyeing machine is good in use. Performance and usage.


1. Definition and characteristics of airflow dyeing machine

Air dyeing machine This kind of dyeing machine is quite different from the traditional liquid flow dyeing machine, because in the dyeing machine, the fabric is circulated by means of a gas passage containing moisture or water vapor, and no dyeing liquid is required. Or the aqueous medium conveys the fabric, so that almost all of the fibrous material and its mixture can be bleached and dyed. This dyeing machine is characterized by a significant reduction in fuel, chemical auxiliaries and energy consumption.


In addition, compared with the conventional dyeing machine, it has the function of high-energy atomizing airflow, so that the dyed object can be in a turbulent expansion state, and problems such as creases are avoided. Thanks to the air flow pushing and uniform reflow device, the dyeing effect of the fabric is well guaranteed.


2. The composition of the airflow dyeing machine

In the airflow dyeing machine, there are cloth wheel room, cloth wheel, cloth feeding pipe and cloth discharging pipe, etc. The cloth wheel is provided with a cloth wheel inside, and the cloth wheel is externally connected with the cloth wheel room. Feed the pipe and the pipe. In addition, on the distribution pipe, a separate air nozzle is also provided to drive the cloth to move.


3. An important part of the airflow dyeing machine


Important component 1: Master cylinder

The main cylinder of the airflow dyeing machine is mainly made of horizontal structure. The material is stainless steel, and a storage tank is arranged in the cylinder. The storage tank is lined with a Teflon tube for storing the dye liquor. Since the cross section of the storage trough is a variable diameter arc, the stacked rope-like fabric can automatically slide forward by its own weight without problems such as entanglement, blockage or knotting.

Important component 2: dye liquor circulation system

The dyeing circulation system of the airflow dyeing machine is composed of a main circulation pump, a pipeline and a control valve. The dye liquor is forcedly circulated by the main circulation pump, and the main pump motor is controlled by AC frequency conversion to meet different conditions. Different cycle frequency requirements of dye liquor. Moreover, it is also possible to have good control at the temperature of the dyeing liquid, and the concentration of the dyeing solution is uniform and suitable.

Important component 3: Air circulation system

The airflow circulation system of the airflow dyeing machine has a fan, a gas flow duct, a gas flow filtering duct, a gas flow nozzle, etc., and the performance of the fan affects the dyeing quality and dyeing effect of the dyeing machine. Therefore, this part cannot be underestimated. In the design of the airflow duct, it is necessary to minimize the loss along the path; filtering the duct requires sufficient filtering and over-flow area.

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