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What are the remarkable effects for the efficient pretreatment with Loose material dyeing machine?
Jan 19, 2018

Loose material dyeing is a kind of mechanical equipment which is specially designed for dyeing of all kinds of fabrics,Such as cotton fiber, chemical fiber and so on.It makes the dyeing better, and the color they need. In the dyeing process of Loose material dyeing machine, efficient pretreatment is also critical. 

loose fiber dyeing machine.jpg

Some of the impurities contained in Cotton fiber or chemical fiber affect the dyeing effect to varying degrees.Therefore, it is necessary to remove these sundries before starting dyeing with some auxiliaries and certain working conditions.This helps the fabric to obtain a certain fiber effect and whiteness, making the dyes more easy to dye the fibers.

After proper pretreatment, dyeing with loose fibre dyeing machine, meet the requirements of before the dyeing process of fabric dyeing, than directly using bulk fiber dyeing machine for long time and better treatment.However, it is important to note that the pretreatment method must take into account all aspects, which should not be neglected.

In combination with the pretreatment method, the fiber dyeing machine can shorten the process time.At present, a large part of printing and dyeing factory use the Loose material dyeing machine to carry out the process of returning, boiling and bleaching. 

Energy conservation and emission reduction is the main goal of all printing and dyeing equipment and process.Therefore, it is better to solve this contradiction by preprocessing the fiber dyeing machine.The bulk fiber dyeing machine can achieve the best washing effect with less water consumption with water controlled.


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