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What are the structural characteristics of yarn dyeing machines and dyeing machines?
Oct 22, 2018

Yarn dyeing machine, which is a specific type of dyeing machine, and in the use of this kind of dyeing machine, mainly for yarn, so it needs to be familiar and understood so as to know what it is and how to correct it. Use and rational use.


1. What is a yarn dyeing machine?

Yarn dyeing machines, which are a common and common type of dyeing machine, have many applications. The specific application of this kind of dyeing machine is on the dyeing of pure cotton, polyester cotton, polyester wheel, polyester wool, acrylic, nylon, hemp cotton, wool yarn, etc., and different types of creels can be used for different yarns. Dyeing, such as cheese, skein, warp yarn, and the like.


2. Structural features of the yarn dyeing machine

Yarn dyeing machine, which is a textile dyeing device capable of adjusting the walking path of the yarn in the dyeing tank by specific yarn type and dyeing condition to obtain a good dyeing effect. The structural characteristics of the device are:


(1) In the composition of the dyeing machine, there is a dyeing cylinder, and a liquid inlet is provided on the side wall of the dyeing cylinder, and a liquid outlet is provided at the bottom of the dyeing cylinder. In addition, there are yarn inlets and yarn exits on the side wall of the dyeing tank to complete the yarn feeding and yarn discharging operations.

(2) There is a leaching roller at the top of the inner wall of the dyeing cylinder. The bottom of the inner wall of the dyeing cylinder is a dyeing roller, and the leaching roller and the dyeing roller are movably connected to the supporting member, and a through hole is arranged on the lateral portion of the supporting member.

(3) The beam is placed at the position close to the top of the dyeing tank. The two ends of the beam are fixedly connected to the inner wall of the dyeing cylinder, and the middle of the beam is a slide rail that cooperates with the shaft portion of the support member. In addition, the cross-beams on both sides of the slide are also provided with through grooves, and the through holes on the lateral portions of the support members and the through grooves on the beams are in a form of mutual cooperation.

(4) The transverse part and the shaft part of the support member are integrally cast, and there is a heating device at a position near the top of the dyeing cylinder on the side of the dyeing cylinder; a filter screen is arranged below the leaching roller, which is fixedly mounted on the inner wall of the dyeing cylinder And the filter can be easily installed and removed. After the yarn exit, a yarn feed roller with adjustable speed is also provided.


After adopting the above structure, the yarn dyeing machine can adjust the fit between the beam and the support member, and then the position of the discharge roller and the dyeing roller can be determined by itself, and the yarn can be adjusted according to the yarn and the dyeing property. The walking path in the dyeing tank ensures good dyeing and dyeing quality of the yarn. In addition, a filter screen is arranged under the leaching roller to remove the impurities in the dyeing liquid in time, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the dyeing liquid and ensuring the color of the yarn, and using the heating device can effectively improve the working efficiency of the dyeing machine.

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