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What is a normal temperature dyeing machine? What are the performance characteristics?
Apr 21, 2018

In comparison, the room temperature dyeing machine has the advantages of low dyeing bath ratio, low horsepower, high output, and high-speed circulation of the dye liquor, which can achieve the ideal leveling effect. Room temperature dyeing machine is suitable for the refining, bleaching and dyeing of various types of factory yarn, silk, viscose fiber yarn, cotton, nylon, wool and cashmere. After dyeing all kinds of silk, yarn can meet the requirements of users.

First, the main features of room temperature dyeing machine: 

First of all, in the production of normal temperature dyeing machines, usually choose stainless steel materials with excellent corrosion resistance to make the cylinder body, and configure large-flow, high-efficiency circulating water pumps, and special triangular nozzles.

Secondly, from the operation of normal temperature dyeing, some machines have been specially equipped with a high-efficiency yarn spindle rotation mechanism and a convenient operation feeding system, which has greatly improved the dyeing efficiency. And during the operation of the equipment, it can automatically adjust the head and flow of the dye liquor, automatically control the dyeing time, automatic heating, heat preservation, and automatic discharge.

Third, in order to better meet the actual requirements of users, users can choose the required accessories in combination with the actual situation, such as automatic computer control system, quantitative injection system.

Under normal circumstances, the room temperature dyeing machine is stable and reliable, high efficiency, a single yarn dyeing can complete dyeing, refining, bleaching, washing and post-processing, and the dyeing cycle is short.

Second, the main purpose of room temperature dyeing machine:

Room temperature dyeing machine belongs to a device that is specially dyed under normal temperature working conditions. The equipment can be used for the bleaching, refining, dyeing and washing processes of different thicknesses, natural or synthetic fibers and blended fabrics.

Third, the main technical features of room temperature dyeing machine:

1. The overall structural design of the room temperature dyeing machine is very advanced, the structure is reasonable, and it has good adaptability and can improve the quality of dyeing.

2, low bath ratio design, less displacement, more energy saving and environmental protection.

3, work speed, high efficiency, reduce production costs.

4. Under normal conditions, the equipment can maintain a stable working condition and the dyeing is naturally smooth.

5, room temperature dyeing machine equipment is simple, easy maintenance, can be set automatically or manually.

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