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What is the active printing and dyeing in the knit fabric dyeing machine?
Jan 28, 2019

When it comes to the active printing and dyeing in the knit fabric dyeing machine, when the dyeing and printing are carried out, the active gene of the dye and the fiber molecules are combined to form a relatively complete whole of the dye and the fiber, so that the dustproof performance of the fabric is relatively good and clean. Degrees and color fastness will also be high.

When the knit fabric dyeing machine is working, it is necessary to pay attention to the dye used for printing. High-viscosity sodium alginate can be used as the paste stream. Its denaturation is relatively small, and in terms of its amount of bleed, it is actually the comparison is small and can keep the pattern as it is. Or a reactive dye with a double-active M type will also have a better fixing rate and lifting power, which can reduce the color prescription during soaping.

The reactive printing process carried out by the knitting cloth dyeing machine has many advantages compared with the pigment printing process. The fabric processed by this process has better air permeability; and the hand is softer, but also It should be noted that its printing process is cumbersome.


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