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What is the advantage of the Cheese Hydro Extractor?
Jun 11, 2018

The cheese hydro extractor is an all-stainless-steel device, which is why it can be used for a long time in environments with high humidity and poor environment. In particular, it can be maintained even when it is exposed to highly corrosive objects such as detergents and sewage.


Because the cheese hydro extractor is made of all steel, their own weight is relatively large, so that under the long-term and high-strength working environment, there will be no problems such as parts falling and affecting their own life. Practice has proved that the life of the cheese hydro extractor can be maintained at about 15 years.


Washing equipment such as cheese hydro extractors require long-term contact with such substances as dye washing agents, water, and gas. These objects are generally characterized by strong corrosion, and stainless steel is also a material that resists corrosion. incomparable. Therefore, they also have stronger alkali-resistant, acid-resistant and other corrosion-resistant characteristics, to ensure that it will not affect the actual use and life problems such as rust, fall off.


In addition, because the cheese hydro extractor has superior heat resistance, it can also allow users to use it for high-temperature sterilization work of about 95 degrees. It is precisely because of the all-steel material that users can perform high-strength sterilization and disinfection work accurately, so it can also ensure its own cleanliness.


This material alone brings so many benefits to the cheese hydro extractor, while other aspects such as its structure, functions, and uses also show unique advantages, especially in terms of energy saving and environmental protection.

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