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Which dyeing process does the jeans dyeing machine match better
Jun 15, 2018

Jeans dyeing machine is basically the object of dyeing jeans, but the effect is still down depending on the dyeing process. In the past, jeans were dyed, generally using bromoanthraquinone dye on a jeans dyeing machine first dyed the warp yarn, and then with the unstained Wefts are interwoven, but the jeans produced by this method are of a single color.


In order to increase the color degree, sulfur dyes are used for production, but the sulfur dyes have the disadvantages of poor color stability, color is not bright, chromatography is not complete, and abrasion resistance is poor, and the cost of dyeing wastewater treatment is high. The use of color registration method to produce colored denim fabrics, there are complex processing, color instability and poor reproducibility.


In order to solve the above problems, many modern companies will combine jeans dyeing machine and foam dyeing process. This is a water-saving and energy-saving environment-friendly dyeing and finishing process. By controlling the pre-treatment and dyeing process, the fabric yarn will be dyed The effect is to develop a colored denim fabric with a washed-out style.


In jeans dyeing machine dyeing, the ring dyeing effect is related to the factors such as the pre-treatment hairiness, the thickness of the coated foam, the rolling pressure and the formula of the dyeing liquor. Therefore, the semi-finished products must be even, clean, dry, and the fabric is neutral; The pressure of the car is uniform, so as to ensure that all parts of the fabric are evenly distributed with liquid and color differences are avoided.


The dyestuff used in the jeans dyeing machine can be selected from reactive dyes such as KN or ME type, and the specific shift ratio should be 0.61 to 1.00, and color matching is performed according to the ratio of the adjacent areas to ensure stable dyeing quality. Soaping uses special dyes for reactive dyes, such as detergents. It has a dispersive chelating function and can be washed with high efficiency, avoiding affecting the color and color fastness of the fabric due to the back-slip.


In short, the use of jeans dyeing machine using reactive dyes foam dyeing method, through the control of pre-treatment and dyeing process, so that the surface layer of the yarn in the denim fabric is dark, the core layer blank, with a ring dye effect, can not be applied to solve the color Denim fabric washing old style processing problems. At the same time it also makes the processing process simple, easy to control, good reproducibility and less pollution.

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