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Why do so many users choose the air flow dyeing machine?
May 23, 2018

When it comes to air flow dyeing machines, it is certainly not unfamiliar to us. In fact, such equipment is often used in printing and dyeing plants. Compared with the traditional liquid dyeing machine, the air flow dyeing machine is very different. First, the fabric is circulated with the aid of a gas channel containing moisture or water vapor, without the need for a dye or aqueous medium to transport the fabric, and substantially all of the fibrous material and its mixture can be bleached and dyed.


It can be seen that the greatest advantage of the air flow dyeing machine is that while ensuring the dyeing quality, the consumption of dyes, chemical additives and energy are greatly reduced. Moreover, when the device is dyed, the dyeing liquid gas is atomized and then evenly sprayed onto the fabric, not soaking the fabric in the water, so the bath is relatively small.


So, what type of fabric dyeing and finishing is suitable for airflow dyeing machine? There are two major categories, namely: knitted fabrics, especially suitable for human cotton, cotton, T/R, N/R, modal, etc.; woven fabrics, thin polyester, polyester/polyamide fabrics, and celestial fabrics.


At the same time, the application advantages of airflow dyeing machines are also reflected in many aspects. First, the use of this equipment can effectively reduce the amount of water, because the machine bath ratio is only l:3-4, and the water consumption is obviously reduced. Second, the high-efficiency and energy-saving of the equipment is also very prominent, and the water volume is reduced, which can make steam The amount is reduced; Third, the use of dyes and dyes is greatly reduced. With the decrease of dye bath ratio, the amount of hydrolysis of dyes in use is reduced to a large extent, which is conducive to improving the utilization of dyes.


In addition to these several aspects, the air flow dyeing machine is also very environmentally friendly, can reduce the pollution of the environment and is conducive to the realization of clean production. At the same time, during the production process of the air flow dyeing machine, the cold water and hot water washing process can be connected and no pause of any time is required. In addition, a high-efficiency heat exchanger and direct steam heating device are used to greatly shorten the warm-up time. Moreover, the automation level of the equipment is high, and various process parameters can be accurately implemented.

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